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Get it all done. 

With a passion for technology, product marketing fundamentals, and the customer, First Things First technical marketing can help you get the right things done - right now.



What are your challenges?

Product marketing support

Are you launching a new product? Repositioning existing offerings? Regardless of team size, you don’t have enough resources.

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Running programs at scale

You have initiatives and programs owned by your team that need experienced management to drive the right outcomes.

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Industry domain knowledge

UCaaS, CPaaS, CCaaS. It's a big industry with a wide array of technology. You need someone with domain depth to weigh in.

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Delivery Work Samples
Work Transformation Summit 2022

Facilitated session with industry analysts Dave Michels and Robin Gareiss. 

Enterprise Connect 2021

Session with other software and hardware providers on the next wave of home office.

Microsoft Ignite 2018

Microsoft Ignite 2018 - Microsoft Teams Keynote. Launched background blur, travel mode, and more

Keynote Samples


We are here for you

Our customers are industry, product, and marketing leaders who are under pressure to take their offerings to market. Whether they have a team of 100 or 1, they need help driving towards important moments and growing their business.

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